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About Us

Hiddenhosting was started in 2006 to provide Hosting solutions for Websites and Emails.

The was due to local businesses needing a Hosting and Email solution to replace their current provider who was no longer offering these services.

Since 2006 Hiddenhosting has grown into being able to provide a variety of services to its clients ranging from simple Web and Email Hosting, Website Design and Logo / Branding assistance.

Hiddenhosting's philosophy has always been that "the client is in control" and this is reflected in the way we do our hosting and website design so that once the initial setup has been completed, Hiddenhosting is then completely transparent to the running and maintenance of your services and you are put firmly in control. 

This doesn't mean that once it is all setup, we have no part in your services as we are always at the end of an email and will be happy to assist in any problems or issues you may encounter.